History of Food

History of Food

Friday, March 12, 2010


Combining my fascination of food history, food culture, and March being National Nutrition Month, I am launching this blog as my contribution to share my fascination. I am going to be featuring food trivia, food history, and yes, even helpful hints for every day use with our foods.
There will be times of what I share to be the most interesting to the most mundane to the most surprising to the most interesting and even to the most ridiculous. All in all this should be rather fun, enlightening, and educational without having to work to hard to learn something new. As you read, you will probably learn, raise an eyebrow in surprise, and yes you may even turn up your nose if there is something you might not like. It would be extremely arrogant to think that every one eats like you do. There are many different cultures throughout the world. With these different cultures there are a vast majority of different foods that are shared within and without these different cultures.

This is your (and mine) opportunity to broaden your knowledge of the foods within these cultures. The concept of this blog has been on the back burner of my brain, but never far from my thoughts. It has taken time for me to mull over just what I want to do with this idea.

At work I have been featuring daily trivia and facts on a dry erase board to share with my co-workers. My goal has been to do this every day I am at work to help focus on National Nutrition Month. Every March The American Dietetic Association (the professional organization for Registered Dietitians) attempts to bring the focus onto to nutrition even more than usual, however this attempt starts with each one of the members of the America Dietetic Association. This is my attempt to contribute my part.

If you have questions or specific areas of interest I also encourage you to contact me and I will be excited to investigate your ideas, as well as sharing with everyone also.

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