History of Food

History of Food

Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11 is Royal Hot Dog Day

In June 1939 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of England visited America.  In Washington, the couple was treated to all the formalities one would expect from a State Visit. There was an afternoon reception at the British Embassy, followed by a formal evening of dining and musical entertainment at the White House.

On their second day, sightseeing of DC filled the day of the King and Queen.  After two days in Washington, the royal couple accompanied the Roosevelt's to their home in Hyde Park, New York. There they enjoyed the simpler things in life. In contrast to the formal State Dinner at the White House, dinner at the Roosevelt's home.  The dinner was described to the press as a casual dinner between the two families.

Even more informal was the following day's event - an old-fashioned, American-style picnic which included the following menu items: Virginia Ham, Smoked Turkey, Cranberry Jelly, Green Salad, Sodas, Beer and Hot Dogs,

The next day, news of the picnic made the front page of the New York Times, under the headline, “KING TRIES HOT DOG AND ASKS FOR MORE.” While the King reportedly ate his hot dog by hand like an American, the Queen daintily cut hers with a knife and fork.

Hence, Royal Hot Dog Day.

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